Facebok the biggest network?

Facebook is an online social network that today crashes all records by the number of users. As we have already stated, Facebook has over
2.38 billion monthly active users, and this number is constantly growing. Unlike other online social networks, Facebook stands out in that it has achieved its success among students, and the quantity and quality of personal information available on users. Accordingly, Facebook is the subject of research scientists in two views and this:
A) as a mass social phenomenon
b) as a unique window of observation on behavior and patterns of information between the young population.
How widespread is Facebook, not only between universities, schools, institutions, companies, but also among other people, tells us the number of users we have already mentioned. The quality, quantity and value of the information it provides are also impressive, and we’re all in the end looking for some information. Not only does Facebok profile provide personal and unique identification,
Figure 6. Facebook
It also shows standard contact information (address, e-mail, mobile phone number, date of birth, occupation) as well as additional information that is rarely available in other networks (favorite movies, books, connection status, education, city, etc.).
Registered users are allowed to search the network, and send requests to other users for friendship. Once a user accepts a friend request, not only do these two users share personal profiles, but their entire social network, and new friendships evolve further through friends of that friend. Next, with your profile, all users have a ‘ ‘ wall ‘ ‘ on which their friends can leave messages for the profile owner, and most often they are visible to everyone, i.e. and other registered users can view these messages on the wall. There is a lot of discussion about Facebook because of this privacy policy, because the standard settings are that the entire profile is visible to all other registered users. According to Tufekci and Spence, more than half of the users stated that they had found some very important things about their friends from their profiles. So, Facebook not only creates friends, but a lot can be found out about them through personal pages. Not only do friends watch the data of other users to find out something interesting, or just meet this person better, than doing it and others. An example is when the Yale Daily News reported that many employers use Facebook to find out more about potential employees. Although a much larger audience can have technical access to their profiles, users of various virtual social networks have developed high expectations of privacy, or the protection of their online activities.
To register a user on Facebook is required email, and Facebook is an open social network for everyone above 13 years. However, it is difficult to control who performs the registration. Also, fake profiles, phishing, spam messages are common. Spam), sex offenders and ultimately addiction. Unlike other online social networks, Facebook is the lead in the offer of interactive content, that is, it offers a number of entertainment games, various quiz shows, applications, etc., and all of this at the end of the user creates addiction. The addiction to games, about which we will say something later, has long been a problem. So, people spend more and more time playing games on this social network, and the less what they signed up for on the social network, ie. Find friends and acquire new acquaintances, or maintain existing contacts. But about the addiction to games we will say something after.