Drug-free Addictions! Really?

Drug-free Addiction with compulsive behavior is certainly a pathology of modern urban living, in which the speed of life, stress, aspiration for profit, success, popularity, etc., deepen the gap between the biological and psychological nature of man and Its real needs. Every day, Man is exposed to various marketing offers, from gambling, shopping, technology, the Internet, and therefore, it is increasingly moving him away from his real needs. While addiction to psychoactive drugs is experimentally relatively easy to evaluate, drug-free dependence does not have a clearly defined severity measurement criteria and prognosis of a given condition. On the other hand, the etiology of these addictions is constantly increasing: addiction to gambling, about fast cars, sports, about work, pornography, food, games of chance, the Internet and many other self-destructive forms of living. There is no doubt that in the near future they will be multiplied because the offers are increasingly aggressive through a variety of marketing messages. Drug-free Addictions are indeed a danger to modern man, primarily because of serious psychological disorders, which may be the cause of illness or social depravity, such as anorexia, bulimia, pedophilia, alienation and Fig.
Our Most interesting category are internet dependencies, which is the theme of this work. Until yesterday about internet addiction was only guessed, and today is an essential problem of society. It is Undoubtedly that the development of science and technology, primarily computing, and therefore multimedia with all its advantages, has led to a new form of addiction that represents a significant problem of modern society.