Consequences of Internet Addiction.

The Internet itself is a neutral system originally designed to facilitate research and data exchange between academic communities and military agencies. However, the way people use the Internet as a medium has led to numerous debates about its addiction. Unlike chemical addictions, the Internet offers several direct benefits as a technological advancement of our society, so it is illogical that we criticize the Internet as a system as dependant. The Internet allows the user a variety of practical applications such as the ability to perform research, business transactions, projects, collects information etc. Furthermore, several books describe the psychological and functional advantages of using the Internet in Daily Life (Rheinglod 1993). However, depending on the use of the Internet is a new phenomenon that many users are unaware of. The internet is a highly technologically enhanced tool that we use in our daily life, so it is very difficult to detect and diagnose internet dependence. It is therefore important to discover characteristics that differentiate normally from pathological use of the Internet. Proper diagnosis is often complicated because there is no accepted group of criteria for Internet dependence. The criteria set by Young are currently being used, which are essentially adapted to the criteria for the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-Fourth Edition, which are the criteria for diagnosing pathological gambling. As we mentioned earlier, Young has set up 8 criteria, of which the first 5 must be satisfied, and at least one of the remaining 3 criteria. However, these symptoms can be easily disguised under the pronunciation that excessive use is part of the job, that it is just a machine, that the Internet is all used because of the role in our society.
Although time is not a direct measure in defining internet addiction, addicts generally use the Internet between 40 and 80 hours per week, where individual sessions can last up to 20 hours. To spend so much time on the internet, addicts often stay until 3-4 hours in the morning, although they know they have to work at 6 or 7 a.m. In extreme cases, caffeine pills are also used to stay on the internet for as long as possible. Such sleep disorder leads to fatigue, and weakening of the user, and often leads to some diseases.
In addition to these problems, the consequences of internet addiction can also be impaired family relations. In research conducted by Young (1996), even in 53% of internet addicts surveyed had serious problems. Thus, impaired relationships in marriage, relationship, parent-child relationships, friendship and Dr. Addicted to the internet will gradually spend less time with people from their lives, in exchange for solitary life in front of the computer. However, most of all is affected by marriage, because excessive use of the Internet affects the responsibility and responsibilities at home. Addicts have the urge to use the Internet as an excuse not to do some day jobs, for example. Laundry, making purchases, moing lawns, etc. The Internet becomes an escape from the ‘ ‘ problem ‘ ‘ that the user has. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a problem, but it’s easier to sit in front of a computer, talk or just cruise the web, than go shopping. Like other addicts, Internet addicts deny they have a problem when they’re addicted to addictive behavior.

The Internet has entered the schools and colleges as a training tool on a large door. According to Barber (1997), 86% of the surveyed professors, writers and computer administrators in these institutions said that Internet use does not contribute to the student’s progress. In a study conducted by Young (1996), 56% of students showed a decline in learning habits, falling grades, missing classes or even punishment for overusing the Internet. Although the Internet represents a very significant tool for research and education, students use it to cruise irrelevant websites, chat rooms, forums and online games. Of course, all this negatively reflects on education, both individuals and the reputation of the institution.
The Internet has also found its place in the companies, and today it is inconceivable that there is one company without access to the Internet. The advantages of Internet such as helping employees all from market research, project development, and business communication have outdone all negative sides of the Internet. Nevertheless, there is a concern that the Internet is a distraction for many employees, who in the course of working hours are loading the web for their needs, instead of doing it solely for business purposes. Any misuse of time in the workplace creates a problem for managers, especially as companies provide employees a tool that can easily be abused.
In the end we can say, that the consequences of internet dependence can be felt in all areas of human life, only need to pay more attention to it, and to acknowledge the dependence of the Internet as any other addiction, and in the proper way to fight with it.

When games stop being fun

Dennis Bennet fell a year in college, his marriage was in crisis, and he didn’t act like a real father to his one-year-old son. But because, he progressed to a level 58, as Madrid, a great shaman in the online game of EverQuest, and then that was all that mattered.
The family life of Bennata, and the grades in college have improved considerably since it stopped playing the online game Everquest. He considers himself a cured addict, and is now able to control his desire to spend time online in a fantasy world. Now an engineer in Dakota, after recovery, said the game almost ruined his life. This, of course, is not the only case when games stop being fun. A woman from Wisconsin, sued the EverQuest game because her 21-year-old son committed suicide, and was an obsessive EverQuest player. Everquest Leo says that her friend ruined the marriage because of the game, but that she manages to find a balance between commitment and online gaming. Every time he says it’s going to stop, but it hasn’t happened yet. If you would look back at the criteria for Internet addiction, you would see that it is very likely that Lea belongs to a drug group.
Although these cases are rare, mental-health professionals say that imaginative worlds offered by computer video games can become very addictive, and what for the consequences has a breakdown of marriage, relationships, career destruction etc. Addiction to online games is a dissolution Problem, as well as the consequences it carries. Psychologist Dr Timothy says he has seen numerous cases of young men of 17-18 years, who have had fast internet access and have literally not left home for days to play online games. Many of these players are lonely, and have never had the feeling that they belong somewhere, and online games give them exactly you, the feeling of belonging to the imaginative world, where with their like-minded conquers the expanses of this virtual world.
Online games like EverQuest, Warld of Warcraft, Diablo 2, for some players act like heroin, and can cause many problems, which we have already mentioned earlier. As we have already said, the games industry is not innocent in all this, and is driven by one goal, profit. These games are made so that each goal leads to a new goal, and so to infinity. Of course, as players advance through the levels, they have more power and control, and that is what keeps them dependent