I’m not addicted, and you? The First Lie

The definition of non-drug addiction by Goodman is now used as a basis for determining addictive weight criteria, although it should be noted that, unlike addiction to psychoactive substances, drug addiction is not classified as a disease. According to Goodman, the definition of drug addiction includes: – Inability to relieve reliance on addictive behavior. – A feeling of tension that precedes addictive behavior. – Satisfaction or relief during the duration of the activity. – The feeling of losing control during activity. – Addiction features last for more than a month and is repeated over a much longer period of time. Out of a total of nine, the presence of at least five criteria follows:

1. It is common sense that the person’s preoccupation with addictive activities or preparations for addictive behavior,

2. Intense and lasting periods of desire to start dealing with it,

3. A constantly repeated desire to reduce, control or abandon such behavior,

4. Significant time is devoted to preparing for the activity, by engaging in activity or on its repetition,

5. The frequency of engaging in activity and neglecting professional obligations, schooling or studying, family and social responsibilities,

6. Sacrifice social, professional and recreational important activities to such conduct,

7. By addressing activities in spite of the knowledge that it exacerbates the existing problems of social, financial, psychological or psychological nature,

8. High tolerance: the need to increase intensity and frequency in order to maintain the same effect, or decrease the existing effect in behavior of the same intensity,

9. Disturbance or anger in the event of impossibility of such conduct