The Internet: yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The Internet has become a part of our everyday life, and as such has become the best way to get some information or person to the point of importance but also the irrelevant. The Internet is a very powerful tool, but it needs to be used. It offers a lot of the latest news from around the world, entertainment, music, movies, photos, online games, and everything you can imagine. If something does not exist on the internet, it may be your time to share your ideas with the rest of the world. In the abundance of information, you will find yourself in a network that seamlessly takes your most important time. At a moment you become dependent on a web service, and you are not aware of it. There are also addictions about information, emails, chat, forums, blogs, various social services, cyber-sex, gambling, online games, addiction to shopping, etc. We spend more and more time on the internet by neglecting our social life, family, friends, work, and in extreme cases even basic needs. The Internet becomes a central place in our lives. Is there an internet addiction? Are we addicted? The answer you will hear is mostly negative, because it is difficult to admit we have a problem.
Now imagine that the internet is not working one day. You can not. Must work. Even when we are on vacation we always come to the Internet, whether through mobile phones, laptops or internet cafes. What would be the vacation if we did not share the latest photos with “friends” for a few minutes after we did them, or do not see what they are doing, what music they are listening to right now, or what viewers are watching at youtub or simply do not review the 101 edition of on- line newspaper, and the paper edition of these same is just a few feet away from us. Addicted?
Let’s go back to online social services. Some  have over 500, 1,000 friends. What you have more friends are the more fulfilled you are, the greater you are the man. You are known. You have the status of stars in that virtual world. And to keep this status, you have to prove, share your thoughts, your desires, your emotions, and even more than you need. You’re looking for some convenient verse, or video, picture, or something else to share with these friends for hours. You’re trying to hit the bit of those 500 friends you probably only have 150, if so. In that gathering, you do not notice that the new day, to go to work, you did not pay for electricity, and that you have less and less real friends.
Computer on-line games. The entertainment that came to our homes on the big door. At first we spent two to three hours, to stay in the end all night connected to the internet. This may not be a problem if it’s short, one week, two maximum, but if we’re connected for months, there’s more and more people playing for years.